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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Me(Blopit) and the staff here at GMHype(just me) decide that the best way to start an amazing blog is with an amazing contest. So here are 'da deets':

Starting: well now
Ending: Dec 22 2009


Image quickly (but awesomly) made by Blopit, no rights are reserved but refrain from using it in you game as the image looks like crap.

No you don't have to make a game about charging laptops :S but your game must involve charging something like a laser, a sword for a powerful hit, a spoon, a dinosaur, a stapler, a laptop, whatever. The main goal can be charging an electric boat to get off an island, or running away from chraging rhinos.

-> The game must have been made for this competition and this competition only!!!
-> Should be windowed!!!
-> Should not change screen resolution!!!
-> Collaborations are Apreciated
-> Awesomeness should be present

1st: Awesome Review
2nd: Awesome Review
3rd: Awesome Review

everyone else: awesomeness


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